Portable Toilet Hire in Beaudesert

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Portable Toilet Hire in Beaudesert

We supply portable toilets for hire through our sister company Beauy Renta Loo and provide portable toilet servicing with our vacuum truck and capable operators. Hire a portable toilet or enquire about servicing one today.

Portable Toilet Hire in Beaudesert
Portable Toilet Hire in Beaudesert
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Beauy Renta Loo Portable Toilet Hire

We have all your portable toilet hire and service needs covered, with hundreds of portable toilets for hire from single party events to large festivals. We offer daily, weekly, fortnightly or custom hire options, and a number of portable toilet options.

We separate our portable toilets for hire into event-only toilets and worksite-only toilets and keep all our portable toilets for hire in pristine condition. We also have single and double-trailer mounted toilets ready to be easily towed to just about any site. We have wheelchair-accessible portable toilets available for hire; these are also ideal for events with gowns and other large attire. Our builder’s toilets are large and robust to withstand tough on site conditions.

Hire a Beauy Renta Loo portable toilet or toilets package today with a service plan.

Beauy Renta Loo Portable Toilet Hire
Beauy Renta Loo Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Toilets Kept in Pristine Condition

Servicing Portable Toilets

A full service of our portable toilets comprises of 8 steps and is completed after every hire:


1. Disinfect

We spray disinfectant on key points of contact before servicing and cleaning the unit. These include the door handle, inside door panels, walls, toilet paper holder, supply dispensers, toilet and tank.


2. Prewash

We use urinal cleaner and graffiti blaster solution to spray down the urinal inside and out.


3. Pump

We use the PTO powered suction hose on our vacuum truck to remove any remaining small debris inside the portable toilet.


4. Prime

When priming the portable toilet for the next use, we scrub the inside of the unit, the restroom walls, top of the tank, interior shelves, floors and urinal, and fill the waste tank. When servicing multiple portable toilets at a large event we may use the hose-fill method to prime the unit instead.


5. Dry

We towel-dry the top of the waste tank, toilet paper dispenser and toilet seat as a courtesy to the patrons using the portable toilet directly after the service.


6. Restock

We then refill supplies like toilet paper.


7. Date

We confirm that we have serviced the unit by signing a date sticker on the portable toilet.


8. Review

We inspect the urinal, sink, dispensers, doors and the decals on the sides of the portable toilet to ensure all elements are in top condition.

We perform these steps with the utmost care for the hygiene of our customers and staff. We use all the appropriate PPE and operate our vacuum truck for pumping safely and efficiently. For more information on our vacuum trucks, see our vac truck hire page here.

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We provide portable toilet hire and servicing to South East Queensland areas within our 200km travel radius from our headquarters in Beaudesert. Our most popular service areas include Beaudesert, the Scenic Rim, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan and Caboolture. Call us now or fill in our online enquiry form for a free portable toilet hire and service package quote.

If you are experiencing any septic emergency outside our normal work hours, please do not hesitate to take advantage of our after-hours services. We provide after-hours septic emergency services to South East Queensland.

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