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Hydro Excavation in Beaudesert

Beaudesert Liquid Waste provides hydro-excavation to any residential or commercial project within a 200km radius off our headquarters in Beaudesert. Our wet-dry super-suckers (AKA hydrovacs or hydro vacuum excavators) and highly trained and experienced operators are experienced in all the services below. If you are unsure about the best hydro-excavation approach for your project, get in touch and we will work out a free quote for you based on your project needs.

Hydro-excavation in Beaudesert
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Hydro-excavation in Beaudesert

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What Is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-excavation is an excavation method carried out by a vacuum excavator/ vacuum truck/ sucker truck/ super sucker. It loosens the soil, clay, sand, grass, mud, rocks or compound surfaces with a high-pressure water hose, turning the material into slurry, and then sucking it up. The slurry is vacuumed into a truck loaded containment tank to be disposed of in a licenced facility. Any air vacuumed in the slurry is then micro-mesh filtered and released safely back into the atmosphere.

Hydro-excavation is a non-destructive, safe method, recommended for excavating soils that might cave in or otherwise become unstable, or around utilities needing to be preserved. The technique also aids in preventing loosened soil from entering nearby stormwater systems.


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Due to the greater safety, accuracy, environmental considerations and speed of excavation over other methods, hydro-excavation is the best available excavation method for a range of site requirements, including:

  • Identifying, excavating around, maintaining, repairing, rehabilitating or installing underground or sub-surface utilities, including cables and pipes

  • Line, sign and pole installation

  • Potholing and daylighting

  • Trenching and slot-trenching

  • Landscaping

  • Debris removal

  • Restoring tree roots

  • Digging test holes

  • Digging without a permit

  • Digging 30-50m away from the roadside or access areas; digging in congested or hard-to-access sites

  • Digging without backfilling

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If you are experiencing any septic emergency, take advantage of our after-hours service! We provide services after-hours to most of our South East Queensland locations. Some of our most popular service locations include Beaudesert, the Scenic Rim, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and Caboolture.

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